Construction Sites Are Known To Be Fire Prone and Adequate Safety Measures Must Always Be Taken

Large Fire

Construction sites are very temporary establishments, where materials are being constantly brought in for use, stacked in temporary structures and quite often laid out in the open. That is why a construction site will be full of signs warning of danger and requiring visitors and workers to exercise a lot of caution. It is important that a fire risk assessment be carried out to access the risks of fire.

Fire is a very prevalent danger in construction, and most project managers on a construction site take a lot of precautions to prevent fires and have measures in place that can fight these fires, in case they do occur. A good project management team will have in place a fire protection plan, which establishes the action to be taken by workers and staff in case of fires. These plans are given a lot of prominence and any new entrant to a construction site will be made aware of this plan, so that he or she knows what is expected of them in case of fires. These plans must include evacuation procedures, fire control equipment and communication.

Fire safety becomes all the more necessary on construction sites, because most accesses vertical or horizontal to the various levels of a building are always temporary and will keep changing as the work progresses.  That is why as a matter of safety, exits and accesses need to be very clearly marked. It is very essential that construction sites have the proper fire safety equipment installed, and a good project team, will ensure that these are always tested and remain in good working condition, and have enough personnel with the complete knowledge of how to use the equipment. Extinguishers have to be constantly replenished, hoses and pumps maintained, a dedicated source of water always topped up, and alarm systems constantly tested. It is not uncommon on major sites to have periodic fire drills executed, so that the familiarity with the equipment is never lost.

The transient nature of construction leads to areas undergoing frequent changes in the environment and creation of potential hazards. It is important that these are frequently reviewed and all concerned personnel kept aware of these changes. Hazards can come from smoking, welding and other equipment, electrical equipment and vehicles. Construction sites will also always have combustible materials like flammable gases and liquids, a lot of oil and other petroleum products, scaffolding and formwork of wood, and in some cases, explosives. Major construction sites will have safety and fire protection engineers whose duties will require them to constantly monitor conditions and
ensure that there would be fewer chances of fires.

It is very important that documents important to the construction site are kept in well protected areas, so that any fires do not disrupt further work. All activities on the site must be constantly monitored to ensure that they in no way add to the potential of fire. This is especially important in sites where a lot of welding or other structural work is undertaken, which can lead to fires being started from sparks. Any use of open flames, at times needed in construction activities, must be undertaken only after all safety and fire prevention methods are in place.

Once a fire does occur, alarms must be set off, and all personnel evacuated to safer places. The fire department of the city must be informed, even in cases, where abatement procedures are already undertaken. The cause of the fire, the damage caused by it, must be documented and safety engineers must examine, whether the fire has been caused because of safety instructions not being followed. Extinguishers and other means to quench fires must always be present at any work site where heating or fire causing events do take place. Combustible materials must always be stored separately and isolated, so that in case of fires, they do not add to the destruction.

Construction sites are always known as dangerous areas, and places that can be prone to accidents, because of the temporary nature of the work, and constant changes in environments. Fires require three elements to occur and these are fuel, heat and air or oxygen. Every personnel must keep this in mind and ensure that in every activity they ensure that all these three elements do not come together, and where they do, sufficient deterrents or equipment are in place to control the fire in case it does occur.

The Importance Of Having Proper Gas Boiler Installation

Image of Gas

Once you have chosen and bought a new gas boiler, the next step to think about will be gas boiler installation. In fact, proper gas boiler installation is one of the most crucial parts of getting a new boiler. Even though you might have spent a lot of time searching or choosing for a potentially expensive, gas boiler which is efficient and has smart temperature sensors, all the time and money you invested in it will be wasted if you don’t have it installed properly.

An incorrectly installed gas boiler is not only a potential lethal hazard, but it is also likely to be less efficient than a gas boiler that has been installed properly. Even if you think that you are saving some cash on what seems like a bargain installation cost, you might end up actually losing more money if the gas boiler is not running at is maximum, or if you need to pay another person to come in a rectify a botched job.

If you purchase your boiler from a boiler sales specialist, high chances are that the price of your purchase will also include gas boiler installation by one of the company’s specialist gas engineer. It is worth paying a little more for the installation since the engineers will be vast trained specialists who have the proper expert knowledge of such a job. Since they know a lot about gas boilers installation and maintenance, they should come to your place with the right tools to have your boiler up and running in just a few hours.

If you buy the boiler where the purchase does not include boiler installation services, then you will have to find a reputable boiler installation engineer to have it properly working. It is always a good idea to go with a local company, as if you happen to have any problems with your gas boiler after installation, they will surely come back and rectify any malfunction with ease.

In this regard, always go with a gas boiler installation specialist who is fully qualified and has credentials that can show these qualifications on their website. It is equally important to ensure that you are working with a person qualified to work with gas and not just any boiler as gas boilers can be extremely dangerous.

If you reside in the UK, boiler engineers who work with gas should be on the Gas Safe Register, which shows that they qualify for such jobs. Ideally, each engineer on the Gas Safe Register will have a unique code as well as an identification card if you wish to verify that they are Gas Safe. All you have to do is ask them for their card and go to the Gas Safe website and verify their credentials.

If you reside in another country, there should be similar procedures that prove the qualification of people you are working with. Keep in mind that if the gas boiler is installed incorrectly and damage occurs, it is unlikely that insurance will cover for the damage done. Simply never settle for anything less than the best.

Bathroom Installation And Design Ideas


A bathroom remodel is a challenging DIY job, but it is not impossible. What is needed are some good design ideas and the basic knowledge of how to install the major fixtures like toilets, tubs and sinks. A great way to ensure the perfect bathroom remodel is to combine the skills you have with the help of a professional contractor.

It can be a money-saver to do a bathroom installation job on your own, but be careful. If you can handle installing a toilet without help, that is great. The same may not be true when it comes time to install a new acrylic shower or tub inlay. First, figure out exactly what you want done.

Planning A New Bathroom

Decide on the layout of the new room. If you plan on replacing existing fixtures in the same positions as the previous ones, you should be able to handle the job perfectly on your own. However, if you want to reposition a shower or tub, it is better to hire the skilled hands of a professional. This part of the job also requires being mindful of installing drains and vents.

Choose The New Fixtures

This can be the hardest part of the job, especially if someone else will be choosing the new tub, shower, toilet and vanity with you. Try to compromise with styles and colors that make everyone happy.

Sometimes the easiest way to freshen up any bathroom is with a new coat of paint. It will not hurt to remove all the old fixtures before painting. Choose a color that will suit the mood of the room, but try to stay away from anything too trendy or you may find it necessary to repaint in a year. Bright, light colors are great for opening up the space in a tiny bathroom.

If you plan to tile the floors, you might also want to do hire professional contractors to help you. But, some flooring products are easy for DIY enthusiasts to install. Expect to commit about one full day to removing any existing wall covers or tiling. Also, take time that same day to be sure the bathroom you have in mind measures accurately with the space in the room.

Do not forget to measure everything before buying items. This is necessary especially when installing an entirely new bathroom as an addition.

When you feel you are capable of installing an existing shower stall with a pedestal tub, just be sure to keep any disruption to the plumbing to a minimum. It will be necessary to avoid disrupting any load bearing walls. A new bathroom also needs to have a wet wall installed. Ask your local plumbing professional for help with these steps if any doubts arise.

Finally, avoid costly problems by preparing the bathroom installation carefully. It is more expensive to try difficult installation work yourself and make a mistake that involves hiring a professional to repair those mistakes than to hire a professional in the first place.

Replacing A Fuse Board

Fuse Board

Replacement of fuse board is done in case of a fault in the already installed fuse board or when it is already old and should be carried out by qualified electricians. The installation should be done perfectly since it can pose a danger to property and even life. The job should be done by a professional to reduce the risks that can occur.

It is crucial to replace the old fuse board and put a quality new one. The best replacement that can be put is the new 17th Edition consumer units.. The replacement reduces overloading like in the case of old fuse board that can cause problems. The following are factors to consider during the installation process.

1. Personnel- The person doing installation should be highly qualified. To prove the qualification of the individual, certification is crucial because it gives you confidence your home or property is safe. After identifying the professional electrician, the cost of installation should come to place.

2. The cost- The cost of electrical installation will vary depending on the person installing since negation can be done. The critical point is the cost of materials used. Before the expert quote for the fuse the consumer unit, you must consider the material used. The best quality of material used will make the consumer unit cost more than the poor quality. This is because after installing it will take a very long time before another replacement is done since the cost will vary.

3. Bonding and earthing – For the fuse board to be changed, the electrician should check the supplier’s equipment at the origin of installation , also earthing and bonding arrangements. This is to make sure that it is well connected, comply with the regulation and more safe. The work should not be done if the conditions are not existing until verification is made.

4. Duration for installation- It will always depend on the number of circuits, the size of the property and also the position of old fuse board. Getting out the old fuse board, making the new cables also making sure that they are in good condition and of required length then putting in place a new consumer unit.

5. Testing – Testing is essential during installation of any electrical circuit. It is done to ensure that the installation was successful. This will guarantee the safety of the property even after the electrician leaves the place.

6. Fault finding Allowance- A friendly electrician should give an allowance for Fault Finding. This will reduce the cost of the owner since in case of any error or issues. Afterwards, he or she can be able to resolve it with no or very low pay. Anytime the installation is needed ensures the factor is considered for your safety.

In conclusion, replacement of old fuse board might look a longer process and costly which seems a disadvantage but it is not. The best installation can serve you for a very long time without replacement that reduces your cost of replacing it all the time. It also ensures that the property is kept safer.

Metal Roofing Installation

metal sheet roofing image

This type of roofing is a perfect one. By choosing it to install into your house, you will find out that it is long lasting. It is also simple to fit within a very short time, has ability to endure severe weather conditions, safe, and its light when it comes to weight.

The approximate weight is about 1.25 to 1.50 pounds per square foot. Apart from it being efficient and fast during installation, it is also cheaper in terms of prices.

Even if you decide to use metal shingles or the metal sheets, the availability of the materials is always guaranteed. When the house is covered with it, there is assurance of comfort even at adverse weather conditions. During installation, there are specialized tools that are required for the process. The tools are snippers, shears that are used to cut the metal sheet and the drills used to make holes through the metal sheet.

The metal sheet roofing is different from metal shingles in that there is always need for removing old roofing material when the metal roofing is required. During the installation process apply synthetic and breathable surface for your roof.

Try to avoid using the standard tar paper since it has the possibility of breaking down and sticking onto the metal surface. In the process, ensure that there is no nail heads exposed. The roof underlayment should be approximately six inch overlay. The following is the process of installation.

1. Install roof supporters

This must be done before installing the metal roofing. This must be done using heavy steel screws or nails in some cases. Combine it over the ridge and nail on yo the rafters. The anchors installed should not be too many, an approximate of three reporters for a home.

2. Installation of gable trim

Depending on the personnel doing the process, some prefer doing it at the end of the installation process while others in the beginning. The choice always depends on the method you use in laying out roofing panel. The panels are then lined with the rake board. Afterward, it can be bent to the gable trim.

3. Installation of the first panel

The type of the installation process is crucial since it can make the roof paneling square. The steps involve with care peg the first round table at the drip edge, ensure it is aligned to with rake board.

The next thing is to install one screw via the pan to the upper side of the panel. This is to ensure that it is held in place whereas the clips stay secured. The flat head screws are normally enough to be used when attaching a panel to the deck of the roof.

After placing the first panel in place, move to the next group repeats the process for all the panels until when you are done. During the installation process of groups, make sure you cut your bar using z-bar to equate to the width of a single panel. When you have the z-bars up, you can take a section of the ridge cup, cut a line at about two inches from the end of the lock and bend the two flaps.

4. Work on the vent pipe

A pipe boot is required. It must be properly size in the case with a flexible bottom. There is a need to cut a hole in the panel that surrounds it for fitness.

5. Install pipe flashing

It should be caulked in the process and should be done using a solar seal

6. Conclusion

Metal roofing is not a complicated process, and people should advocate using it at all times. Its advantages are many to give confidence in using them.